Short Film
Kill Space - Non Union Short Film
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Non union
Area of media:
Short Film
Non Union Talent Only Javeed - 200-300 CAD/day Doug, Dana, Willem, Michael - 100-200 CAD/day
May 28, 2024
Sides will be sent to shortlisted talent.
June 6, 2024 Virtual. Prioritise selecting from self tapes.
Shooting starts:
July 25, 2024 
Shooting finishes:
July 28, 2024 
Shooting locations:
Cities for response:
A comedic short film about a VR headset that allows employees to kill their own boss.

Jeff (Javeed in sides), a melancholic worker at the mysterious tech firm SoloCalm, struggles to reconcile his own happiness in an office space that is overwhelmingly focused on employee well-being. But everything changes when the company introduces an experimental virtual reality system that allows employees to murder a digital effigy of their own boss, something Javeed can't seem to bring himself to do. With the goal of improving productivity through stress relief, the VR system - the Kill Space - reveals a much darker truth about these lacklustre 9 to 5'ers.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadJeff/JaveedMale 26 - 32 Years old
Open Ethnicity. Clean cut, not particularly athletic, but someone who clearly has a regimented health routine. He carries an everyman energy, by the book and routine-oriented, with an overarching air of melancholia. He is wholly dedicated to his career for reasons he doesn’t quite understand, and is clearly spiritually lost. Eyes that read a desperate search for something more.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingDOUGMale 26 - 32 Years old
Open ethnicity. Described in script as a “pickled frat boy”. Not only did Doug peak in his sophomore college year, but he’s also still living there mentally. Carries himself with a toxic macho naivety and is constantly looking for approval from his male colleagues at the office. Has the build and gate of someone who was once an all star athlete, but has let a less-than-savoury lifestyle get the better of them. Oblivious, happily in his lane; an “under”-thinker.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingDANAFemale 30 - 40 Years old
Open ethnicity. Mousey look, fragile smile. Highly professional with a real heart, but lacks the confidence to show it. Anxious, a people pleaser, and career-driven to a fault. Fundamentally unsatisfied with her life; the only other character we see sharing in Javeed’s inner desperation.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingWILLEMAll 60 - 90 Years old
Open ethnicity. Elderly, weathered from years of computer neck and fluorescent lights. Think the Office Space version of Dr. Frankenstein’s Igor. Completely lost to the corporate process, all of his/her/their remaining energy in life is funneled into performing tasks for his/her/their superiors. Office life has become his only purpose - but part of him/her/their has been deeply suppressed in that process.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingMICHAELMale 26 - 32 Years old
Open ethnicity. Physically fit, clean cut with a bit of character; defines Silicon Valley office casual. Nepo baby who wishes he was a granola bohemian, but can’t fight the finance bro in him. Aloof, eccentric, and completely sociopathic. Projects a false sense of comfort and friendship in all interactions, but is viciously self-motivated, vain, and brazenly sadistic.