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Short Film
UBCP ULB - $100 per day
May 19, 2024
Please submit two takes of the sides
Shooting starts:
June 7, 2024 Location and number of days required TBD
Shooting finishes:
June 9, 2024 Location and number of days required TBD
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Jared "Junior" Whittman (17) is the most promising candidate in the race for “#1 BOY”. The son of an elite school donor and previous winner, his destiny is to follow in his father’s footsteps. Jared’s stupidity de-threatens him to Quinn Atwood (17), his trusted political advisor and informant. She’s the brains behind the operation, and he’s the mouthpiece. It’s their senior year, and this race determines college application success, public praise and family legacy. What Jared doesn’t know is that Quinn has blackmailed unassuming candidate Vanya Pleskatch (17), and positioned her in clear opposition to Jared.

Winning the Vice President title the easy way is - with a shoe-in legacy candidate - simply not enough for Quinn. She has to create her own obstacles and win against those too.

As a ghost informant to Vanya, Quinn creates a compelling political race between the two candidates, planning to drop whoever falls behind in hopes of becoming Vice President and lock in her future. What she doesn’t see coming is Vanya’s passion for certain causes, emboldening her and making her even more popular with the student body.

It’s a close race, debate gets heated and Jared slips up and says something sexist. Vanya becomes more radicalized to the cause of winning and calls Jared out at every turn. Vanya will not only make history as “#1 BOY” but she will also advocate for dress code changes and self expression on campus. Vanya uses this leverage to gain more power through student groups that were previously less engaged. She’s going rogue and Quinn can’t take the lack of control. Vanya threatens to fire Quinn for disagreeing, and will tell Jared her secret if she doesn’t go along with Quinn’s master plan.

Jared and Quinn are on the same team again - they go to Vanya’s to threaten her and throw the race. She’s still winning despite all other attempts. In a heated argument Jared ends up killing both Vanya and Quinn and pins it on a misogynistic serial murder roaming the streets. He dedicates a plaque to them in the closing remarks of his victory speech.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingHumphreyNon-binary 18 - 25 Years old
[Open ethnicity]. Out and out communist, frequent tumblr & watpad user, and a quiet genius. They embody much of the conservative fears of an SJW youth; A politically engaged, gender non conforming, radical leftist furry, who is proud to be themself. What they may lack in classic social charisma, they make up for with drive and empathy.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingThudMale 18 - 25 Years old
[Open ethnicity]. Jared’s #1 sidekick and bro. He won’t go anywhere without this guy. Thud is the roommate who eats all your food and games all day. He literally doesn’t care about anything, but is also an evil sadist. He might not wash his hair but he’ll call you ”washed” if you haven’t heard every new album that week. Thud doesn’t know a thing about politics but he’s Jared’s unruly support system in the best of times and worst of times, even though Jared has never been to his house and doesn’t know what his favorite colour is.