TV Series
Wong & Winchester
Series Leads
Area of media:
TV Series
Nov 8, 2021
Initial auditions will be Self tps.
Shooting starts:
On or about April 1, 2022
Shooting finishes:
On or about May 30, 2022
Shooting locations:
Montreal, PQ
Cities for response:
Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, St. John's, Sudbury
Season 1 will be 6, 1 hour eps. Future seasons # of eps TBD. Wong & Winchester is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit actors, without regard to disability, race, age, sex, colour, national origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis protected by law unless otherwise specifically indicated. Please submit Black, POC, Indigenous, Person with a disability, LGBTQIA.
Wong & Winchester is a light and fun female driven procedural. It’s the story of the unlikely partnership between Marissa Wong (bitter ex-cop turned private investigator) and Sarah
Winchester (former career student with ambitious naivety). Originally hired as Marissa’s driver (after a “misunderstanding” results in Marissa losing her driver’s license), Sarah quickly proves herself to be much more than just a chauffeur. Working side by side, the mismatched duo, despite their generation gap and their vastly different approaches to work, life, food, fun, society, politics, pets, sex, TV, and even their own gender, somehow manage to always get the job done. Whether their “crime of the week” is solving a murder, or even something seemingly mundane that erupts into something insane, the “spring-autumn” odd couple’s natural ability to counterbalance each other’s strengths and weaknesses gives them the power to solve the seemingly unsolvable. Now if they could only agree on where to eat lunch.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Series LeadMarissa Wong Female 38 - 50 Years old
MARISSA WONG - Chinese 40s, loud, dry, cynical, sarcastic, and not afraid to throw a punch… with the ex-husband to prove it. Marissa operates and lives in almost all gray zones. Is walking into someone’s home without permission technically breaking and entering? Should she have a license for that taser? Sure, but Marissa doesn’t give a shit about rules if it helps her solve cases. She’ll lie, steal, or trip an old man to get the job done. Is she technically having an affair with her former partner, Chief Inspector Simard, even if his marriage is a sham? Probably. Is it still a bad idea either way? Definitely. But that’s something for her therapist to figure out. And Marissa doesn’t go to therapy. Marissa has a lot of opinions. She’s crass, rude, and can be a major pain in the butt. But, here’s the thing, she’s a great investigator. With great instincts. She just chafes at being expected to look, act or behave a certain way — because she bore and broke under that pressure from her mother already in her life. Marissa’s life is messy, but she makes no apologies for it. But she does like to clarify that she wasn’t “fired from the police force for a very public DUI,” she was “very strongly encouraged to resign and spend more time with her family.” Speaking of which, her teenage daughter, Jessica, lives with her ex because it’s “more convenient” for her school — not because she finds Marissa embarrassing, or because they fight all the time...honestly! Sarah’s goody-two shoes, type-A bullshit drives Marissa up the wall. But she’s (slowly) warming up to her. Sarah openly values her work, and Marissa’s never had someone admire her before. They still, however, clash over some key “philosophical differences.” For instance, Sarah believes PI work is about helping people and not just earning a paycheck…while Marissa believes people suck and deserve the messes they create, and if she didn’t have bills to pay she’d be on a beach drinking margaritas—er, virgin daiquiris. But Marissa is learning to tolerate, and maybe even appreciate, Sarah’s naive optimism.