Feature Film
Skite'kmujuekat'ik (The Place of Ghosts) Copy
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Area of media:
Feature Film
Actra + 50% prepayment
June 12, 2024
by tape
Shooting starts:
Aug 7, 2024 pre-pro in July
Shooting finishes:
Sept 25, 2024 
Shooting locations:
Nova Scotia
Cities for response:
Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Charlottetown, St. John's, Sudbury, Kelowna
Skite’kmujua’kik is an Indigenous supernatural thriller rooted in the approach of L’nu oral storytelling and worldview. The elements in the script come from the notion that we do not see time as a line, but as a circle with multiple “realities” around us at all times. The characters are interact with younger versions of themselves, their ancestors, and descendants/people from the future.
This story is ultimately tied to the land. When Mi’sel and Antle venture to find their father’s remains they engage with the land and the history it holds (both backwards and forwards). This relationship is where our language and culture springs from and cannot be separated from L’nuk. It is a vital component of this story, but it isn’t some mystical connection—it comes from the need to survive and know a place as deeply as possible.
The notion of healing inter-generational trauma is a large theme of this script. At the heart of it all is a wound that hasn’t been healed, or allowed to heal. Both siblings weren’t ready to address the trauma of their past. By going on this journey to put their father’s remains to rest they are confronted with past versions of themselves. The story is not science-fiction genre but more in the realm of dramatic thriller with supernatural elements.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingOlder Grace
Older Grace identifies as an Indigenous female, 55-75 yrs. NOTE THAT PRODUCERS ARE WILLING TO HAVE OLDER GRACE LEARN THE LANGUAGE. Speaks in English and Mi'kmaw. Wise, patient, and a little worn down. Knowledge holder. Antle's daughter seen in the future. Submit from cross country. TBC 2 shoot days plus travel. (Needs to be able to handle a fair amount of dialogue. Demo/offer actors also accepted here).
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Large PrincipalMalia'n
Malia'n identifies as an Indigenous female, 50s-60s. NOTE THAT PRODUCERS ARE WILLING TO HAVE OLDER GRACE LEARN THE LANGUAGE. Speaks in English and Mi'kmaw. No nonsense Aunty who knows more than she lets on. Submit from cross country. Speaks Mi'kmaw but can audition in English. TBC 2 shoot days plus travel.