Music Video Scene
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Union:Non union
Area of media:Commercial
Rates:$1000 including buyout
Deadline:May 27, 2024
Cities for response:
Commercial 1

This is a scene within a music video for an artist called "Sub Urban". It's a highly thought out concept that ties into a very creative narrative and visual arc.

Women will be around the artist, perhaps touching his back or chest. It would be a "touchy feely" scene. This sounds intimate but there will be about 35+ crew on set for this shoot as well as an intimacy coordinator. This is a closed set.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Principal (PP)Touchy Feely GirlFemale 19 - 30 Years old
For this scene, the artist is with a group of beautiful women, but as a stark contrast he would like SFX makeup on their faces to look like they have sores on their faces. They would also be dressed to imply they are topless. So they would be in small shorts or panties, and with a nude bandeau or tape top. This means in reality, they are wearing something akin to a bathing suit, but in the video it will imply that they are topless. We anticipate this will be about a 5 hours to shoot + hair and makeup