Project Veggie Burger - STILL SEEKING (ROLE: AKASH)
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Union:Non union
Area of media:Commercial
Rates:Principal - Session fee: $600/day, Buyout: $1500
Deadline:May 22, 2024
Cities for response:
Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa
Commercial 1
A 30-second spot in two languages introducing a spicy, flavourful vegetarian burger.

Seeking talent with expressive facial expressions and body language, as there is significant non-verbal communication. They should express themselves without relying solely on dialogue. Delivering authentic and natural dialogue is key.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Principal (PP)AKASH (REPRESENTATIVE)Male 33 - 43 Years old
South Asian. Charismatic, friendly, and confident. Speaks Hindi/Hinglish with a neutral Indian English accent. Familiarity with South Asian cultural expressions and intonations is crucial.