Golf Marketing
Union:Non union
Area of media:Commercial
Rates:$30/h OBO
Deadline:Aug 10, 2022
Cities for response:
Commercial 1
A golfer, struggling to make par, is greeted by a disembodied voice. The voice teaches him about how [insert company name here] can help him market his business using golf terms. With the help of his new "Caddy", he begins to improve! In the end, he not only is a better golfer, but he understands the importance of a marketing partner like [insert company name here].
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Principal (PP)The GolferMale 27 - 55 Years old
A natural golf talent struggling to improve his game to a competitive edge. He loves the sport and has collected all the gear and attire but is looking for a way to shave a couple of strokes off his handicap.

Must have casual golf ware and able to golf
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Principal (PP)The CaddyAll 20 - 35 Years old
A pro in their own right. Their methods may seem unorthodox but they always gets the job done. They're there to offer advice and a little bit of coaching to get the player back on track.