Short Film
"Catcall Sparks Unexpected Nightmare"
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Area of media:
Short Film
May 24, 2024
We are STRAIGHT booking from submissions.
Shooting starts:
June 2, 2024 8:30 am
Shooting finishes:
June 2, 2024 3:45pm
Shooting locations:
Montreal, Quebec
Cities for response:
Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa
Synopsis/ Storyline:
After catcalling a woman, a man faces dire consequences when she cleverly leaves her panties in his coat for his wife to discover. His marriage collapses, prompting him to track her down. Confronting her, he's confronted with the harsh realities of womanhood, leaving him questioning his actions. But what's his next move?
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadSAMANTHAFemale 18 - 29 Years old
LEAD: Samantha: female 18-29. Samantha exudes confidence and beauty, her presence commanding attention wherever she goes. A savvy consultant, she navigates a world dominated by fragile male egos with finesse. Despite enduring countless instances of sexism, she refuses to be a victim, instead, turning the tables on those who underestimate her. But beneath her exterior lies a woman tired of the constant battle against misogyny. Will her encounter with Ken be the catalyst for change, or just another chapter in her ongoing struggle?

WARDROBE: Formal business attire that’s fitting and shows her curves, but not obnoxious or unsuited for a high-powered boardroom.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadKENMale 30 - 44 Years old
LEAD - Ken: Male 30-44. Ken embodies the epitome of male entitlement, oblivious to the impact of his actions on women. His casual misogyny leaves a trail of destruction, culminating in a desperate bid to salvage his crumbling marriage. Yet, his journey towards understanding seems fraught with obstacles. Can he transcend his ignorance and confront the uncomfortable truths about his privilege, or will he remain trapped in his narrow worldview?

WARDROBE: Business attire - casual suit, bright button-up shirt - no tie, some buttons undone.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadLanceMale 18 - 29 Years old
LEAD - Lance: Male 18-29. HULKINGLY BIG BUFF MAN. Lance defies stereotypes with his towering physique and progressive mindset. A staunch feminist, he fiercely protects his wife while challenging societal norms. His unwavering support for gender equality is matched only by his willingness to confront those who dare to disrespect women. But beneath his tough exterior lies a man grappling with the complexities of masculinity in a patriarchal world. What inner struggles drive his commitment to change, and what sacrifices will he make to uphold his principles?

WARDROBE: Tiny pink tank top (like a bodybuilder would wear). Pink bandana around his head. Think like a KEN from Barbie.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadBarbFemale 30 - 44 Years old
LEAD - Barb: Female 30-44. Barb embodies the facade of a contented wife, unaware of the cracks forming in her marriage until confronted with undeniable evidence of her husband's infidelity. Quick to judge and even quicker to demand a divorce, she grapples with the betrayal of trust and the shattered illusions of marital bliss. Yet, beneath her composed exterior lies a woman questioning her own role in perpetuating toxic gender dynamics. What revelations await her as she navigates the tumultuous waters of divorce and self-discovery?

WARDROBE: Soft pastel coloured casual shirt, casual light coloured pants.