Video Game
Project MW - VAN
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Non union
Area of media:
Video Game
Project MW is a non-union production. Only submit non-union talent and performers. Rates will be robust and competitive and made available to agents by EOW. All travel and accommodations provided.
Apr 22, 2024
Apr 22, 2024 Via Zoom
Shooting starts:
May 6, 2024 
Shooting finishes:
May 10, 2024 
Shooting locations:
Montreal, Quebec @ Beyond Capture Performance Studios- all travel and accommodations provided.
Cities for response:
Character Descriptions are below. For the non-Caucasian roles, feel free to suggest any ethnicity. Feel free to suggest candidates out of the box. We are open to creative ideas and original approaches. This project is a great opportunity for break-in talent, comedians, dancers, professional non-union actors, theatre actors and thespians, dancers, ect. We invite talent to co-create, improvise and showcase spontaneity and improvisational energy. Candidates selected to self-tape will be provided sides and material to work with.
Project MW is an up-and-coming AAA multi-media hybrid film, with aspects of video gaming, animation and feature film cinematics. Project MW is produced by an international team of top-level creatives and will be showcasing a wild storyline, action-packed, comedic and visually stimulating. Actors will be required for full performance capture. We are seeking multi-talent: physical, experienced in movement, capable to perform the razors edge of comedy and drama and skilled in natural, entertaining performance.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadMikeMale 25 - 40 Years old
Caucasian. Confident, charming and elegant. Compelled to fight injustice. A skilled marksman. A weakness for women. Mike is a helpless romantic- think of him as a younger version of Sean Connery’s\Roger Moore’s James bond. Although Mike is dead serious in his endeavor to fight crime, he does have an important comedic side. Bill Hader’s character in “Barry” is an interesting reference for Mike’s personality. “Barry” is quirky, dangerous and funny-without trying to be any of these things. Mike’s traits can at times venture into slapstick territory, and that’s totally ok. Too often, the comedy comes from Mike’s inability to read other people and he sometimes responds or reacts inappropriately in a hilarious way.
important ** !!! we are looking for comedic skill and charm. Please bring a duality energy to the scene. Funny, witty, confident, quirky, socially akward
Please do 2 takes- different versions. more funny, more serious, a mix, ect
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadAotoMale 45 - 70 Years old
***JAPANESE or ANY OTHER ASIAN ETHNICITY. Bar Owner. Level-Headed, wise and experienced. Aoto handles tricky situations with finesse and a calm attitude. Values loyalty and good company. Find yourself in a sticky situation? Aoto and his connections will show you a way out. Hiroyuki Sanada energy.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadRalphMale 21 - 35 Years old
Caucasian. Hired Gun and Muscle for a local gang.
A bit of a meathead. Not the smartest tool in the shed. Ralph can be intimidating at times. He has a bad temper. Lethal with a switchblade and butterfly knife. Athlete, agile, good physical movement skills. Channing Tatum energy.
Please do 2 diffrent takes, 2 versions, each with another style -delivery.