Bug in your Brain's Code
Commercial | PSA
Non union
Area of media:
$1000/day, +20% Agency Fee, $25. Wardrobe Stipend [includes; shoot, 3 year airing cycle from initial launch commercial|PSA ] RENEWAL OPTION Session Fee +10%, +20% Agency Fee (Additional 5 years)
Dec 5, 2023
Dec 20, 2023 CALL BACK TIME: TDB [tentatively between 12:00pm
Shooting starts:
Jan 12, 2024 
Shooting finishes:
Jan 12, 2024 
Shooting locations:
San Diego, CA
Cities for response:
San Diego, Baltimore, Richmond
Bug in Your Brain's Code is a campaign to prevent teenagers in Virginia from the
use of cannabis products, particularly THC vape pens.

Bug in Your Brain's Code is about the teenage brain's rapid development, and how THC
use at this age inhibits the brain's growth. The spot uses a metaphor comparing the
developing brain to a computer's system update - and the introduction of cannabis is like
introducing malware to your computer. Memories become like hard-to-retrieve files, your
sensory input gets hacked, and brain's processing power slows down.

This project is aimed at teens in Virginia who are susceptible to trying vapes, or who have
tried a few times but are not regular users.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadJASPERMale 18 - 25 Years old
JASPER. On Camera (with voice over)
AGE/ RACE: 17-18 years old / Caucasian (18+ TO PLAY YOUNGER)
GENDER:   Male Identifying /Presenting
BODY TYPE:   Normal non-athletic build. 
HAIR:   High and tight buzz-cut
VIBE:   Jasper is a bit on the introvert side.
He’s quiet, tends to keep to himself or one of his close friends.
Has lots of hobbies he does by himself. 
VOICE:  Teenage sounding, could higher-pitched based on his appearance. 
TONE: Serious, matter-of-fact
Jasper is a smart kid, he likes to play games
on his computer and enjoys his ‘me time’ above all else. He’s dealing with the
stress of high-expectations and turns to vaping to relieve some of that stress. 

Jasper lives in a suburban area with many schools in the area. He's happy to have
grown up in an area where making friends was as easy as taking the bus or walking
back home. He unwinds at night by playing games with them, and vapes THC. He's a
good student that got straight A's until he got to high school, and his foreign language
class was much more difficult than anticipated. One of his friends has an older sibling
that sold him a THC vape pen after hearing about how much pressure Jasper was
putting on himself to maintain his good grades--which to Jasper are a reflection of
being a good son for his parents.
WARDROBE DESCRIPTION: Long sleeve flannel shirt with sleeves rolled up,
unbuttoned and darker colored undershirt. Dark tattered regular fit jeans.
Grey or neutral colored house slippers. ? 
SPECIAL NOTES: No Tattoos, No Facial or Unusual Piercings