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Feature Film
June 12, 2023
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Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, New York, Regina, Saskatoon, Los Angeles, Winnipeg, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, Austin, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Columbus, San Jose, Denver, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Provo, Salt Lake City, Columbia, Charlottetown, Indianapolis, Wilmington, Hartford, Tallahasse, Tampa, Honolulu, Des Moines, Frankfort, Baltimore, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Nashville, St. John's, Raleigh, Knoxville, Richmond, Shreveport, Houston, Oklahoma City, Jackson, Charleston, Orlando, Sudbury, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Kelowna, St. Louis, San Antonio, Trenton, Newark, Milwaukee
Adam, a transgender teenager from a small town in Nebraska, has kept his gender identity hidden from his strict father, who has been training him since the young age of five to become an MMA fighter. When Adam is outed in a video, his father kicks him out of his home. Adam moves to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of transitioning and becoming a singer, ignoring how many challenges he will have to overcome before making his dreams come true.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadADAM/LINDANon-binary 15 - 23 Years old
Character: Adam transitioning into Linda

Archetypal white blonde teenager (generation Z) from a conservative small town in Nebraska who’s an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter fulfilling his dad’s dreams. Until he is outed by a schoolmate, he has been hiding his true gender identity since childhood. However, after being exposed, he realizes his existence is constructed lie and decides to move to Los Angeles to transition and follow his dream of becoming a singer.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Small PrincipalMIKEMale 28 - 40 Years old
Character: Mike is a hardworking white man who can play 28 to 40.
Mike has strong moral convictions typical of his education and culture. Having been a professional boxer in his youth, Mike educates and trains Adam to become a professional MMA fighter to give him a chance at a successful life. Adam's mother died shortly after his birth, and before she died, she asked Mike to take care of her son and never abandon him. Mike suffers the destruction of his dreams and faces the trauma, tremendous confusion, and suffering of a conservative father who has not been exposed to the openness and inclusion more common in big cities.

Mike is forced to grow up and process a change for which his culture, religion, environment, and knowledge have not prepared him.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Small PrincipalFRANKMale 50 Years old
Supporting character
Character: Frank is a 50-year-old white gay man who has managed to build a life of comfort and success in the city of Los Angeles. His past has great similarities with Adam's since Frank was also kicked out of his house for being gay, and for a long time, he lived on the streets of Los Angeles until an Asian family helped him with work and shelter. Beyond the similarities between Frank and Adam, it is the fact that Adam saves Frank’s life, making Frank bend over backward to help Adam, knowing that all he needs is to feel loved and accepted to blossom.
Frank and Mark, a successful gay couple living in Beverly Hills, take Adam into their home and help him in her transition to Linda. Frank is not only trying to pay off the debt he owes to life from having been helped by a good family at the time, but he owes a personal debt to Adam, who resurrects him after suffering a heart attack in a Los Angeles subway station.