TV Feature
Capturing Love: Winnipeg Casting II
Area of media:
TV Feature
ACTRA scale + 110% Advance
Mar 28, 2023
Shooting starts:
Apr 2, 2023 
Shooting finishes:
Apr 21, 2023 
Shooting locations:
Winnipeg & environs
Cities for response:
We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to physical ability, race, age, color, national or ethnic origin. All roles below are open to artists of any race. No in-person auditions will be scheduled; self-tapes are preferred. Please approach all dialogue with Standard American English. Documentation of COVID-19 vaccination is required. Please note that this is a lower-budget project: private dressing rooms as defined by the IPA may not be available for all shoot dates.
Anika Muller is a perpetually single love blogger who interviews couples and documents their answers on her Instagram account, @CapturingLove. Her success as a blogger gets her the offer of a lifetime—a book deal with one of the biggest national publishing houses. She pitches the publishers a personal story about her grandfather, Abe, who wants to reunite with his long lost love, Ruth. The publishing house loves the idea, but wants Anika to work with a seasoned photographer, Ryan Rothschild, to publish the book. After a rough initial meeting, Anika and Ryan begin to fall for each other as they chase leads to find Ruth. After a few ups and downs (both in their search and in their blossoming relationship), they find Ruth and reunite her with Abe. The Capturing Love book is published, Ruth and Abe go out on a date, and Anika and Ryan find a love of their own.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Large PrincipalRoryMale 36 - 55 Years old
A publishing executive, Rory Clarke has just been assigned to review Annika and Ryan’s respective pitches for book deals...Neither really impress him much; they’re just not marketable. But he is open to supporting a book that tells the story of Annika’s grandfather Abe, and his long-lost first love Ruth - with Ryan’s photography documenting their search for Ruth.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Large PrincipalRuth 2Female 67 - 77 Years old
While searching for Abe’s long-lost love, Annika and Ryan meet another “Ruth”. She shares her own story of first love for Annika’s blog.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
PrincipalMachanic MickyMale 68 - 78 Years old
While searching for Ruth, Abe encounters an old friend of theirs from high-school, Micky.