Film School
Out of The Rain
Non union
Area of media:
Film School
Jan 28, 2023
Jan 29, 2023 
Shooting starts:
Feb 9, 2023 
Shooting finishes:
Feb 11, 2023 
Shooting locations:
Humber College North Campus in LB121
Cities for response:
Sarah, an older women who lives alone, allows a young stranger, James, to take shelter in her house one stormy evening. As they wait for James's ride to arrive they discuss their respective views on family as it is revealed that James has just killed his father.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadSarahFemale 40 - 60 Years old
Sarah, an older woman in her 50s, lives alone in her house after her husband has died and her kids left for college. The grief from her husband's death has caused isolation and distance from her children which has damaged their bond in a way she isn't sure can be repaired. Feeling alone, she allows a young stranger into the house to seek shelter from the rain. The conversation takes a dark turn as James reveals that he has just killed his father. The revelation causes Sarah to face her own family issues.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadJamesMale 18 - 25 Years old
James, a troubled young man has murdered his father after years of neglect. Stressed and disoriented, he finds himself near the house that happens to be owned by Sarah, and asks for shelter from the rain. He makes a call and asks for a ride from the house, and while waiting, he and Sarah discuss each other's family lives. After hearing Sarah's story about her husband and kids, James confesses that he has just killed his father which scares the woman. However, instead of killing her as well as she fears, it is revealed that James had called the police to turn himself in.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingPolice OfficerAll 25 - 50 Years old
The police officer appears at the end of the film when James turns himself in to interview Sarah about what happened. This role is short and includes only a few dialogue lines.