Short Film
Non union
Area of media:
Short Film
Aug 19, 2022
Shooting starts:
Oct 14, 2022 
Shooting finishes:
Oct 16, 2022 
Shooting locations:
Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area
Cities for response:
A young man has to deal with the consequences of a severe case of writers block as life begins to pass him by.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadAlexMale 28 - 35 Years old
Alex is funny and sarcastic but that only masks a deeper depression. A young man stuck in a rut and with a bad case of writers block. Alex is depressed and drowning his depression in video games and procrastination. He’s quite handsome, out of shape but not overweight. He is looking a bit rough & tired these days. Any Ethnicity (but must match older Alex). Any Ethnicity.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadOld AlexMale 50 - 60 Years old
Alex aged up 30 years, and life hit him full force. He’s worn out and tired and beaten down, but there is still glimmers of that younger ruggedly handsome guy beneath all the grey hair and sadness. Life may have pass quick but Alex still has something left to say and create. Any Ethnicity.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadAubreyFemale 28 - 35 Years old
Aubrey is confident, kind and caring but also driven. Aubrey is pretty fit and slightly taller than average. She works a 9-5 job clerking at a law firm while she studies for the bar. Any Ethnicity.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingDaveMale 28 - 35 Years old
Super Chill but very sarcastic. Dave is Alex’s best friend, they’ve known each other since they were kids. He’s not afraid call Alex on his bull shit. Dave is a stocky guy. Gives off the vibe of someone that’s got it together. Any Ethnicity.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingMale PassengerMale 20 - 40 Years old
A talkative guy, very hip and cool looking. He dresses the part. Any Ethnicity.