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This is a non union posting as we're looking for research study participants for the development of product and not performance. The rate is $50 per hour with the expectation of 3-4 hours work
May 27, 2022
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This is an on going study that will run for several months with 2 recordings per day. We have many positions to fill but we are unable to repeat participants. Should you partake and enjoy please feel free to recommend us friends and family and share our details with them as well.
I want to start by highlighting that this is not a traditional acting role. We're looking for motion capture participants to help in the collection of movement data for product development. Our client has a rigid set of movements (50 in total) that all participants will hit during their capture session (roughly 3-4 hours). These are simple upper body movements ranging from waving to twisting to exaggerated shrugs.

Capture sessions will take place at our China town location. On the day you will be working with 2 capture technicians, one monitoring the technical accuracy of the data and the other directing you through the outlined movements. We're working with proprietary hardware and software on this project, meaning it may vary slightly from other motion capture roles you've participated in previously, however the general concept and execution are the same.

The goal of the project revolves around diversity and making sure that we are including people of all races, creeds, religions, genders, heights and body types... everyone is welcomed and encouraged (this is for adults only at this time, should that change we will amend this post or make another).

While a study like this isn't asking much on a performance level and the captured footage won't be available for tapes or reels, it's a great way to get to know Beyond Capture and for us to get to know you for future bookings. Additionally it's an excellent way to test the waters of mocap and see if it's for you!
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PerformerStudy ParticipantAll 18 - 70 Years old
Motion Capture - performing motions such as bending, twisting and waving as directed. This is a solo performance with no dialogue and little room for deviation from the prescribed movements. There will be long periods of standing as most actions are performed upright and recorded in succession.