Outremont's Rabbi
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$200 per shooting day & electronic copy of the show for reel purposes
Dec 3, 2021
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not applicable
Shooting starts:
Jan 30, 2022 
Shooting finishes:
Feb 3, 2022 
Shooting locations:
Markham, ON
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This project is being produced on a limited budget. Great story, fabulous director(s).....truly a rich multi-cultural Canadian story.
Family is never easy. A Montreal, Jewish orthodox family, the patriarch of which is Rabbi Rosen (cast). A man who is a respected and revered part of the Jewish community in Montreal for years A respected scholar and spiritual leader to many. The Rabbi has two daughters, Dhana (cast) and Rebecca. Rebecca married Yankel, a successful Montreal business man who like the Rosen family is orthodox. Dhana, chose a different path, she married Michael, a wonderful husband and father to their two children and while not Jewish by birth, he has embraced the faith and converted to Judaism, going so far as to do his conversion at a Jewish seminary in Israel. Not an overly unusual situation, with the exception that he is Canadian of Chinese descent. Dhana and Michael moved to Toronto causing even more 'tsuris' (a Yiddish expression for difficulty or trouble) to an already heated situation. Rabbi Rosen did not react well, consequently Dhana has been estranged from her family for almost 10 years. Rebecca and Dhana grew up in a mostly Jewish neighbourhood of Montreal. Interestingly enough one of her best friends growing up was Clare, Quebecoise and Catholic, who lived across the street. Over the years Clare has almost become part of the Rosen family, just by default. Clare lives in her family home and went on to become a senior administrator with the city of Montreal, which on a professional level has been useful to Rabbi Rosen from time to time. She has, given her relationship to the family become the defacto 'back channel' connection between the family and Dhana. Dhana's relationship with her sister Rebecca has always been somewhat fractious, as Rebecca has chosen an Orthodox way of life with Yankel and is highly critical of Dhana's choices. Part of a Jewish seder at Passover time includes questions asked by the youngest about why the holiday is different from the rest. For the Rosen family their seder this year will definitely be different. For starters Michael and Dhana have been invited to come to seder for the first time in many years and we will find out why in this pilot episode.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadMichaelMale 38 - 45 Years old
MUST be of Chinese descent. Plays husband to Dhana. He is smart, urban and very much engaged with this situation. While on the analytical side he has a decent sense of humour, which would be on the wry side
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingRebeccaFemale 36 - 42 Years old
Dhana's sister. Observant/orthodox Jewish woman - married to Yankel, they have five children. Helpful with the Rabbi and the Rebbetzin (Rabbi's wife).
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingYankelMale 45 - 55 Years old
Married to Yankel. He is an observant Jewish man, wears a yarmulke (skull cap) and wears the 'uniform'. Black suit, white shirt. He is highly respected and a very successful businessman in Montreal. He and Rebecca are very active in the Jewish community. Yankel has a great personality, loves a joke and definitely has his own 'shtick' or style that is uniquely his own.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingClareFemale 34 - 45 Years old
French Canadian - accent in English ok. Great character. One of a very few from outside of the faith who has Rabbi Rosen's ear and trust. Close friend of the family, was Dhana's bff when they were kids. It is Clare who is the 'back channel' to Dhana for the Rebetzin, for the Rabbi, even for Rebecca. Great energy and character. Even Clare realizes that her relationship with the Rosen family is unique.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingRebetzin Rosen aka ImaFemale 55 - 65 Years old
Rabbi Rosen's wife. While the Rabbi is a big deal, the Rabbi's wife is also very important and plays a big role in the family, more often than not, behind the scenes. It is for the Rebetzin that this family reunion is happening. Not just because it is Passover, but because the Rebetzin has something to tell the family. That and in the end, it is she who decides when this 'mishigas' (craziness or nonsense) of estrangement with their daughter is over.