TV Series
Looking for young (5-10) Korean voice actors!
Animated Series - 72 x 7 min episodes
Not designated
Area of media:
TV Series
UBCP Animation Agreement. Full buyout
Sept 23, 2021
Shooting starts:
Mid October
Shooting finishes:
Cities for response:
CoComelon Lane is a musical series based on the popular preschool Youtube channel. In the town of Cocomelon, baby JJ and his friends go on fun every-day adventures full of play, exploration, and learning – situations that any preschooler could relate to. Fun, relatable stories set to toe-tapping songs.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Series RegularCeceAll 5 - 9 Years old
4yo, Korean *Please only submit talent who can authentically portray Korean
This character is 4yo; I am open to kids up to 10yo submitting for this role. I am open to both boys and girls reading for this role.
Cece is bright, energetic, and loves to dance. She is constantly moving and often expresses herself physically as well as verbally. Cece is extroverted, carefree, and comfortable in her own skin. She feels her feelings in the moment and generally says whatever is on her mind without fear of judgment. She is a happy go lucky kind of kid. The rare times she feels overwhelmed or stressed, she immediately gets the stress out in some kind of dance or physical activity. Cece definitely feels best when she is on her feet, moving. While Cece can sometimes find it hard to focus on the task at hand, she can also get fully absorbed into something when it really interests her.