Feature Film
SOS Paperclip
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Area of media:
Feature Film
Apr 23, 2024
Self Tapes and Virtual Call Backs
May 6, 2024 Virtual only
Shooting starts:
Shooting locations:
Albuquerque, NM USA
Cities for response:
New York, Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando, Albuquerque
LOGLINE: A heartfelt family drama about a put-upon caregiver daughter, her aging widowed Dad, and our emotional relationship with the "stuff" in our lives.
SYNOPSIS: BRENDA (mid 40s), oldest of three sisters, is slogging through an unfulfilling life, having moved back home to care for her upbeat, fun loving DAD after MOM’s sudden death from COVID. In the process, Brenda’s lost her fiancé, unsupportive of her new “Dad” focus, and has taken the brunt of caregiving on her own. Meanwhile, married sister, CLAIRE, has a full life running a home business, caring for her two young children and taking over every volunteer group she joins, and much younger sister, JESSIE, attacks the corporate world of renewable fashion.
While Dad fills the house with new “scores” from yard sales and online marketplaces, he avoids the void left by the loss of his wife. Without her to reign him in, and with Brenda’s inability to say “no”, Dad has taken over Brenda’s life. When a few health scares shake up their routine, Brenda is ready for a change: it’s time to move Dad into a retirement home and get her life back. But the sisters are not in agreement on Dad, despite offering no real assistance nor solutions. Will she take the step, with only her Dad’s support, or find another way to keep Dad at home and still live her own, fulfilled life again?
THE FAMILY – A mixed Latinx / White family – 3 sisters (BRENDA, CLAIRE, JESSIE), DAD, MOM (deceased – in flashbacks) living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Genre: Lighthearted comedic drama
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadBRENDAFemale 37 - 45 Years old

37 to 45 years old, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity, White woman. Eldest daughter, disgruntled and overwhelmed; the sensible one. Works as an air-traffic controller. Moved back home with Dad after Mom passed away from COVID. The one sister that stepped up to care for Dad, losing her long term fiancé in the process; worse yet, Dad still stays in touch with him. Brenda is truly the long suffering, put upon daughter, giving up her freedom and inner peace to care for Dad, with little support from her sisters or cooperation from him. 16 shoot days plus 2 days prep/rehearsal - 18 June - 7 July.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadDADMale 60 - 70 Years old
60 to 70 years old, Mixed Ethnicity, Latino and White, man. Humorous, with the best intentions in the moment, and a strong ability to rewrite history, Dad/Gill was an entrepreneur until retirement. Busy all the time while the girls were growing up, he use to rush through meals and build his life around clients; he was the macro guy with the detail-oriented wife that enabled him to “have it all” and now he assumes that nothing in his day to day life has to change. After only a few retired years together, Mom/Carmen has now passed away from COVID, his eldest daughter has moved in with him, and he is finding little ways to avoid dealing with his grief, including collecting “stuff he could potentially need.” 15 shoot days plus 2 prep/rehearsal - 19 June - 7 July.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingJESSIEFemale 30 - 39 Years old
30 to 39 years old, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity, White woman. Youngest sister, industrious and active woman who loves to juggle all the elements of her life, but rarely includes her family back in New Mexico in that equation. High energy, image conscious, she lives in Chicago and has a special bond with Dad, sharing an entrepreneurial spirit that drives her everyday life. Recruited to step across the aisle from influential buyer to the seller of a new textile-technology, Jessie finds herself unprepared for her insecurities at work. 12 shoot days plus 2 prep/rehearsal - 20 June - 5 July.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingMOM (CARMEN)Female 57 - 69 Years old
57 to 69 years old, Hispanic woman. DIED during COVID (is seen in flashbacks). Straightforward and practical; the calm in a storm. Mom/Carmen ran the kid’s lives and made her husband’s life run, too. She stayed home when the girls were young, then started back at work in social services once they were all in school. She ended her career at the State’s Cultural Center and volunteered after retirement to keep the fulfilling-juices flowing. She was the glue of the family, the social organizer, and the calming influence in everyone’s life. Mom’s pre-marriage, post-college travels, especially one to South Africa, is the stuff of lore to the family, and the foundation for the work she found fulfillment in. 2 shoot days plus 1 day prep/rehearsal 26-27 June.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingMELFemale 37 - 47 Years old
37 to 47 years old, woman. Claire’s wife and mother to their two small children. Mel and Claire were a power couple in Washington, D.C. and she was the up-and-coming political fundraiser who could have written her own ticket. They reprioritized having a family and move to Claire’s home state to be nearer her family. Mel may not live in the ”rat race” anymore, but she still craves it and works in it. Her continuous travel and work commitments are one of the few things that ever come between the connected couple. 3 shoot days plus 1 day prep/rehearsal 27-29 June
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingDAVEMale 37 - 49 Years old
37 to 49 years old, man. Brenda’s ex-fiancé. Dave is an alpha, western outdoorsman: skiing, hiking, biking, skateboarding - you name it, he’s into it. He’s the kind of guy who tries to be clever and witty but it falls flat with his soon-to-be relatives. When Dad takes an ever increasing chunk of Brenda’s life after Mom dies, Dave pushes back. He takes off for Colorado when Brenda commits to taking care of Dad, finding the increased pressure and complications too much for his own sense of well-being. Fast forward a few years and Dave is back, with a plan to get Brenda back; well, sort of a plan. 3 shoot days plus 1 prep/rehearsal day 23, 26-27 June.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingSHELBYFemale 7 - 10 Years old
7 to 10 years old, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity, White girl. Claire and Mel's daughter ---a high energy, inquisitive young girl who, along with brother, Edmund, has a fun connection with Dad, who loves getting into mischief as much as the kids. Parents, Claire and Mel, are the ultimate new age parents always providing and helping the kids fulfill their wants and making life fun. 3 shoot days 27-29 June. SUPPORTING
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
SupportingEDMUNDMale 4 - 7 Years old
4 to 7 years old, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity, White boy. youngest child of Claire and Mel. Fun loving boy, who tends to favor stay at home Mommy, Claire, when he needs something over Mel. Edmund is never lacking for anything emotionally or physically from his doting parents. 3 shoot days 27-29 June.