Film School
Drug Runner
Union or Non union
Area of media:
Film School
Non-paid Student Film.
Oct 5, 2022
Self-tapes by request.
Via zoom TBC.
Shooting starts:
Oct 16, 2022 Role for Ty only needed for one (1) shoot date.
Shooting finishes:
Oct 16, 2022 
Shooting locations:
North York, Ontario.
Cities for response:
We can accept union and non-union actors through our student agreement with ACTRA. This
is a non-paying student film and no permit is required. Actors will receive a copy of the
finished film for their demo reel.

Meals and beverages will be provided on the shoot days.
If transportation is required we can arrange for a ride for the actor during filming.
Jane, who peaked in high school and is a college dropout is now out of drugs. Coincidentally, her boyfriend Shane who she’s lied to for months about being sober has found her drugs and confronts her about her addiction. Not knowing any better, Jane makes a run for it from Shane. Stopping at nothing in her way while sprinting aimlessly through the streets of Toronto, Jane struggles to come to terms with her addiction, must avoid her boy scout of a boyfriend who is searching all over the city for her, and get drugs from her old dealer Ty, before her symptoms of withdrawal kill her.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
PrincipalTyMale 25 - 35 Years old
Open ethnicity. TY, is our protagonist JANE'S old drug dealer/ partner from high school. The two have history established and have not left each other on good terms after Jane stole drugs from him and disappeared for months. On the day the film takes place, beginning to withdrawal, Jane once again has showed up at Ty's asking for drugs. Little does she know, Ty is conspiring against her and aiding her boyfriend, Shane, about Jane's location. Throughout their tense drug deal, Ty is simultaneously dealing with a manic Jane while secretly keeping Shane on a call in his earbud. Ty is a weathered man, who has been put through the worst of the worst when it comes to drug abuse, and wishes for our "hero" Jane to not lead down the diseased path of addiction he has lived.