Short Film
CFC - Cassandra
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Short Film
Open to Union and Non-Union Members - Unpaid as per CFC/ACTRA Agreement.
Sept 23, 2022
Shooting starts:
Oct 29, 2022 
Shooting finishes:
Oct 30, 2022 
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We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law.

Writer/Director Bio: Bea Santos an award-winning Toronto based filmmaker and actor with a decade of experience on set. She graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a degree in English Literature and Art History. As an actor her credits include: a principal role in Season 3 of HBO's True Detective, a series regular role on HULU's the Hardy Boys, seven seasons and counting as a recurring character on CBC's Murdoch Mysteries, a supporting role in the Ethan Hawke lead bank drama Stockholm which premiered at Tribeca, the female lead in the Canadian-German Co-production Coconut Hero and the lead of the franchise A Very Country Christmas.

As a filmmaker, Bea's films often fuse magical realism with themes of loss, death, grief and hope. Her most recent short film, Two to Look, One to See (2021), played at deadCenter Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Horrible Imaginings, and was nominated for best drama at Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival.
Cassandra is an eccentric middle aged woman who claims to have the gift of prophecy. All her life, everyone around her has chalked this up to her kookiness and is generally dismissive of her claims. But one day, when her adult daughter and fiancé gift her an elaborate horse sculpture, Cassandra prophetically knows that bringing it into the house will only result in chaos and destruction. With the risk of embarrassing her daughter, Cassandra must decide whether to stick to her intuition or go against her instincts in order to keep the peace.

A note on tone: A black comedy-drama. This script has lots of humour in it but definitely isn’t a comedy comedy. There’s something a bit sinister to it, like I’m Thinking of Ending Things or a bit offbeat like A Serious Man. Actors need to have comedic ability as well as being able to carry the weight of the dramatic moments.

THE STORY are 10 minute short film productions with several intentions. They allow for the CFC Directing Residents to collaborate with other disciplines while further exploring their voice, elevating their creative and technical storytelling skills and showcasing their
unique vision and approach.

Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadCassandraFemale 60 - 69 Years old
Open Ethnicity Female, 60s. A highly skilled and brilliant woman who is good at everything she tries. Cassandra used to work as an anatomical sculptor, meaning she would sculpt the prosthetics of burn victim’s body parts. As technology replaced her work she prioritized sculpting busts and taking care of her daughter Judith. Now well into middle age, it seems that no one takes Cassandra seriously, including her own family. It doesn’t help that Cassandra claims to have the gift of prophecy, which her family doesn’t believe. Despite being constantly undermined and gaslit, Cassandra is always trying to rise above the put downs and do her best. A natural accent of any kind would be interesting but not required.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadLelandMale 60 - 69 Years old
White male in his 60s. Comedic ability necessary. Open to actors with British accents or who can do a British accent (not a requirement). Some may describe Leland as a useless wimp of a man or totally forgettable. However, Leland has his moment where we really see how much he cares for his wife Cassandra. Unfortunately, he often betrays her in small ways. He completely ignores her "ability", always sides with their daughter Judith and under the guise of keeping the peace, he always chooses the least confrontational route, even when it sacrifices integrity.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadJudithFemale 30 - 39 Years old
White female in her 30s. Comedic ability necessary. Judith wants a conventional life. She was raised by kooky hippies
and she's humiliated by that fact. Finally, as an adult, she's been able to get free of her past and find a partner who embodies the qualities she admires most: wealth, power and orthodoxy. She's begrudgingly returned to her family home out of duty, as she's recently become engaged to Sebastian. If Judith had it her way, her mother would just shut up and and stay in her room. Luckily, Judith has a turn at the end where she finally sees her mother in a different light.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadSebastianMale 30 - 39 Years old
White male in his 30s. Comedic ability necessary. Tall, dark and handsome. Sebastian has had his whole life laid out for him since he was born, and he loves it that way. He's chosen Judith to be his bride because they share similar values and she's already agreed to have his career be the priority in their lives. Sebastian lives in a man's world, and other than the women he wants to sleep with, it's almost as if women are invisible to him.