Short Film
The Lost Key
Union or Non union
Area of media:
Short Film
Aug 10, 2022
Aug 13, 2022 
Shooting starts:
Sept 9, 2022 
Shooting finishes:
Sept 11, 2022 
Shooting locations:
Vancouver and/or North Vancouver
Cities for response:
When her best friend and thousands of people are swindled out of millions of dollars. Hilda (23), a vengeful young woman decides to take on a young rich crypto investor named Dex (25), by stealing all his crypto wallets. When Nicolas Dupont (35), comes knocking for payment, Dex realizes that the crypto wallets are gone therefore; he employs the help of an old and technologically illiterate detective by the name of Bobby PIN (70). Little do they know that Bobby and Hilda are working together in their great endeavour of taking Dex down.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadHildaFemale 22 - 27 Years old
Hilda is a computer science student whose life changes when her best friend is swindled out of her retirement plan. She becomes vengeful and decides to infiltrate Dex’s house as the cleaner to steal his crypto wallets and make him pay. She lives as a wallflower in the home, and is observant and cunning. She will let nothing get in the way of her plan, even if it means losing her father’s respect
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadBobby PinMale 60 - 70 Years old
Bobby is an old and technologically illiterate detective that Dex hired to take over the case and find the culprit. Bobby is clumsy and witty. He spent too much time with his head in a book to look up and smell the roses. He is also Hilda’s father and always comes running when his daughter needs him or whenever she is in a pinch. So, it is nothing new, when he shows up to Dex’s house to untangle Hilda's web of lies.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
LeadNicolasMale 30 - 40 Years old
Nicolas is a brash and unhinged delinquent. He has a foul mouth and a crude sense of humour. He is Dex’s ex-business partner. He took the fall for both of their crimes and is back to get paid a hefty sum of money when he walks out of jail. When he realizes Dex can’t pay him he becomes furious and goes head-to-head with an old detective Bobby Pin, whom he does not trust, to uncover who stole the crypto wallets.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Large PrincipalDexMale 25 - 35 Years old
Dex is a young and arrogant crypto investor. In his rise to become one of the richest crypto investors, he initiates multiple nefarious schemes to swindle multiple people out of millions of dollars. In his cowardice attempt to escape going to jail, he strikes a deal with his long-time business partner/henchman, Nicolas Dupont. However when Nicolas gets out of jail and comes knocking for payment, Dex realizes he cannot pay him because his wallet was stolen. He no longer has any cards left to play and becomes fearful when Nicolas gets out of control.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
Large PrincipalJaimieMale 18 - 25 Years old
Dex’s assistant. He is not good at his job at all, he shows up every day and tries his best, but he clearly is not made for the job. He is known for usually making a fool out of himself. He is not the brightest tool in the shed, but he is very loyal. He is only just a pawn that Hilda is using for her personal vendetta, but he loves her so much that he would do anything for her. Even murder.