TV Series
Safehaven: Winnipeg Casting II
10 one-hour episodes
Area of media:
TV Series
May 24, 2022
Shooting starts:
June 13, 2022 
Shooting finishes:
Sept 16, 2022 
Cities for response:
We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to physical ability, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin, unless otherwise specifically indicated. No in-person auditions will be scheduled; self-tapes are preferred. Documentation of COVID-19 vaccination may be required. The roles below are recurring and will shoot various dates between June 13 and September 16, 2022.
A young girl with a troubled past, JENNA FROST was headed down a destructive road until a passion from her childhood re-emerged. A love of art. Drawing. An outlet where she could channel her darkness. Exorcise her demons. The culmination of that refuge is her latest project, SAFEHAVEN, a graphic novel born from her nightmares. But after a car accident leaves her in coma, Jenna becomes trapped in her subconscious; a dystopian teen purgatory she believes to be real. Like Dorothy in Oz, Jenna begins a journey through a place she created. A place where paranoia runs rampant and demons lurk around every corner. The only person who can help her is JOHN RAYBURN, the school’s new crisis counselor. In reality, Rayburn is a cognitive therapist; an enigmatic man with an uncanny talent for tapping into the unconscious. Together, they must form an unusual dual-world partnership in a race to uncover the truth and bring Jenna back to life. .... SAFEHAVEN is two stories in one. The first takes place in the Coma World, a universe inside Jenna’s mind where nightmares become real. The second takes place in the Real World, where certain individuals want to make sure Jenna never regains consciousness. Most characters appear in these two worlds or timelines - the Real World and Coma World which is a terrifying creation of Jenna's subconscious. As such, characters have two different versions of themselves. Characters don't know that there is an alternative story playing out in Jenna's head. Everything is real to them, no matter the world.
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
RecurringLaura FrostFemale 34 - 40 Years old
A free-spirited yet troubled artist who died when Jenna was only 9. Laura had a special relationship with her daughter and inspired her passion to draw. Her connection with local gallery owner Craven (who sold her work) created tension in her marriage to high-powered criminal attorney Stuart Frost. Her death sent Jenna into a downward spiral that changed her life forever. CAUCASIAN
Role typeRoleGender & Age range
RecurringYoung JennaFemale 7 - 10 Years old
Playing a young Georgie Murphy - A bright, hopeful girl who worships her mother Laura and fears her absentee father Stuart. Young Jenna is a budding artist who found her mother after she jumped to her death. Her memory of that night may reveal the truth about what really happened. CAUCASIAN Submit actors who may resemble Georgie Murphy as a child - INCLUDE AGE WITH SUBMISSION See link with photos of Georgie Murphy: